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Resistant starch of the benefits to our life
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Resistant starch of the benefits to our life

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Resistant starch

 Resistant starch, also known as resistant starch, is indigestible starch, which cannot be enzymatically hydrolyzed in the small intestine, but can be fermented with volatile fatty acids in the colon of the human gastrointestinal tract. Resistant starch exists in some natural food, such as potato, banana, rice and so on contain resistant starch, especially high amylose corn starch containing resistant starch up to 60%.  This starch is less degradable than other starches and is slowly digested in the body, absorbed and entering the bloodstream slowly.  Its properties are similar to dissolved fiber, with a certain slimming effect, in recent years began to be favored by beauty lovers.  

The role of resistant starch 

Resistant starch has a slimming effect. Part of the starch contained in multigrain rice is "resistant starch".  Resistant starch is also pure starch, but it can't be digested by amylase, or it's digested so slowly that most of it ends up in the large intestine instead of the small intestine. So, they're not turning into glucose, they're not going into blood sugar.  Of course, they don't pack as many calories as regular starch.  But the starch, which isn't broken down into glucose or blood sugar, isn't completely wasted. They will be fermented by large intestine bacteria, producing butyric acid and other organic acids beneficial to health, after being reabsorbed by the human body, how much or will have a little heat, but will not raise blood sugar, will not become fat.  Butyric acid has long been known to help control blood sugar.  resistant starch weight loss manufacturers - Healtheway

The main advantages of resistant starch 

1, resistant starch can resist the decomposition of enzymes, slowly release glucose in the body, has a low insulin response, can control blood sugar balance, reduce hunger, especially suitable for diabetic patients.  

2. Resistant starch has the function of soluble edible fiber, which can increase defecation halo, reduce constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer.  

3, resistant starch can reduce the amount of blood cholesterol and triglycerides, because the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in excreta after eating resistant starch increases, so it has a definite effect on weight loss.  

4, resistant starch can be added value, according to the information, jade bead original starch 20 cents/pound, made into functional resistant starch as food distribution, the price can be increased to 2.5 DOLLARS/pound, value increased 10 times.  



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