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Product Name: Rice Bran Protein
Properties: Off-white powder
Extraction Source: Rice

Rice Bran Protein

Product Description

Product Introduction: 

Rice bran is a cheap and nutritious by-product of rice processing, and it is a renewable resource with a large quantity and a wide range. Rice bran is rich in nutrients, and the protein content of defatted rice bran can be as high as 18%.


1. Rice bran protein is recognized as a high-quality plant protein, with a reasonable balance of essential amino acids, which is close to the FAO/WHO recommended model.

2. Its lysine content is high, which is incomparable to other plant proteins. The biological potency of rice bran protein is very high. Its nutritional value is comparable to that of eggs and milk, and its digestibility can reach more than 90%.

3. Rice bran protein is a hypoallergenic protein and will not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, rice bran protein is very suitable as a nutritional food for infants and special populations.