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Product Name: Sacha inchi oil
Extraction Source: South American oil cane seeds
Main Ingredient: Linolenic acid omega3, Linoleic acid omega6, Oleic acid omega9

Sacha Inchi Oil

Product Description

Alias: Inca fruit oil, star fruit oil

Product Introduction:

Miteng fruit oil is one of the few linolenic acid-based vegetable oils. It does not contain any toxins and harmful substances. The content of unsaturated fatty acids reaches more than 90%, of which the content of linolenic acid is 48% and the content of linoleic acid is 35. %, the oleic acid content is 9%.

Main Material: Mito nuts

Product Features:

1. Stabilize cell membrane function, maintain the balance of cytokines and lipoproteins, and play an important role in anti-thrombosis, lowering blood lipids, and inhibiting ischemic cardiovascular diseases.

2. Improve smooth muscle contraction, enzyme activity in lipid metabolism, central nervous system activity, enhance attention and memory, strengthen the regulation of pulse and blood pressure, and the physiological functions of steroid hormones.