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Schisandra berries extract of the effects

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The main active components of schisandra chinensis include volatile oil, lignans, organic acids, polysaccharides, fatty oils, amino acids, pigments and tannins.  Among them, lignans are the main active components of Schisandrae chinensis, whose pharmacological effects and mechanisms have been studied deeply, involving various aspects of digestive system, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and reproductive system.  

At present, scholars at home and abroad have isolated more than 40 lignans from the extract of Schisandra chinensis.  The compositions with high content and clear pharmacological activity included Schizandrin A, Schizandrin B, Schizandrin C and Schizandrol  A), Schizandrol B, Schisantherina, Schisantherin B, etc.  The dosage forms of Schisandrae chinensis related drugs that have been listed include capsule, tablet, granule and syrup, etc., and their lignans index components are also different.  Searching for domestic listed drugs, the drugs under the name "Wuester" are as follows:  Five ester particles (1 varieties, measured in fructus schisandrae ester methyl), five ester capsules (1 varieties, measured in fructus schisandrae armour element), five ester (1 varieties, measured in total wooden fat element), five ester chewable tablet (1 varieties, measured in total wooden fat element), five ester micro pill (1 varieties, measured in fructus schisandrae ester methyl) and five ester soft capsule or dropping pill five ester (3 varieties,  Measured with schisandrin or schisandrin a).  In the name of the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine prescribed drugs are: schisandra fruit syrup (103 varieties, with volume metering), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine particles (63 varieties, with total medicinal material weight measurement), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine pill (5 varieties to pill weight measurement), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine (2 varieties, with weight measurement) and fructus schisandrae capsule (put on weight measurement) within 1 varieties,. schisandra extract powder manufacturers - Healtheway

Schisandra Berries P.E. of the extraction method:

1. Preparation method of Fructus Schisandrae extract by cable extraction method  

Dry Schisandrae chinensis to constant weight, crush it, weigh and crush an appropriate amount of the crushed Schisandrae chinensis sample into a 250ml three-necked flask, add an appropriate amount of acetone, and place it on a Soxhlet extractor for extraction.  The supernatant was filtered and combined to obtain the extract of Schisandra chinensis. The extract was concentrated and dried by spinning steam to obtain the extract, which was stored in the refrigerator for later use.  

2. Preparation method of the extract of Schisandra chinensis by microwave orthogonal extraction  

An appropriate amount of crushed samples were weighed and placed in a 250ml three-necked flask, and an appropriate amount of extraction solvent was added, placed in a microwave cavity, and a condensing tube was installed. Microwave extraction was carried out in the MDS-8G microwave extraction system with appropriate power at appropriate extraction time and temperature.  After the extraction is completed, it is cooled slightly and condensed by rotary evaporation.  

Schisandra Berries P.E. pharmacological action:

Fructus schisandrae b element, schisandra fruit vegetable, fruit of Chinese magnoliavine ester armour, fructus schisandrae alcohol extract and five ester solution can obviously inhibit P - gp activity, and the strongest inhibitory effect of fructus schisandrae armour element.  The extracts of Schisandra chinensis also inhibited six isozymes of CYP450 in rat liver microsomes in vitro.  The extracts of Schisandra chinensis could induce CYP3A1/2 and CYP2E1 and inhibit CYP2D2 and CYP2C11 in the liver of rats after repeated administration.  Both in vivo and in vitro experiments in rats indicated that Schisandrae chinensis contained inhibition and induction components of CYP3A enzyme. The effects of Schisandrae chinensis were time-dependent, dose-dependent and target dependent, that is, single dose and within 3 days, high-dose administration was mainly inhibitory, while low-dose administration for more than 3 days could induce the enzyme activity.  




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