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Sclareolide's introduction of efficacy

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Salvia Sclare (Salvia Sclare L.), also known as southern European single ginseng and rosette sage, is a spice plant in the sage family Lamiaceae. It is native to Europe and is now mainly produced in France, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries. Introduced intosclareolide benefits - Healtheway this plant since the early 1970s, the process of sclareol extract sclareolide: dried sclare flowers and stems and leaves → sclareol → oxidation reaction → oxidation product → saponification and internalization Esterification reaction → crude sclareolide → separation and purification → drying → crushing/mixing/packing/inspection → finished product

Efficacy of fragrant sclareolide supplements

1: Mainly used for the synthesis of natural ambergris substitutes, and a smaller amount is also used for the blending of fragrances.

2: This product is an excellent tobacco flavor enhancer. In mixed cigarettes, it can conceal the crude odor of tobacco to improve and enhance the quality of flavor, give the tobacco a pleasant characteristic aroma, and make the cigarette softer and more mellow in the mouth. It is an effective flavoring and flavoring agent.

3: Sclareolide can increase and improve the sensory of food, so it has been widely used in the food industry. It can be used in foods containing sweeteners as a flavoring agent to increase the olfactory effect of the food. Adding a small amount of sclareolide in the coffee industry can increase the bitterness of coffee and increase the application range of coffee's refreshing effect.

4: In the absence of cardiovascular stimulation, when reducing body fat, sclareolide can help improve the quality of the thinned body, so it has been widely used in weight loss products. There are many diet foods containing sclareolide in the United States, Japan and European countries, and they are more popular.

Perilla sagegrass grows in the shallow mountainous area of northern Shaanxi. Due to the large temperature difference between the poles in one day, the temperature, humidity and altitude are suitable for the growth of the herb, the products produced are known for their high ester content and pure aroma.




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