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Shea butter's application

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Shea butter is extracted from "shea wood", "shea wood" is a magic maintenance effect of the plant.  Most of them grow in Africa's tropical rain forests between Senegal and Nigeria. They are hardwoods that reach 15 to 20 meters in height and are often hundreds of years old.  Blossoms from December to March each year.  The fruit, called "shea," has a delicious avocado pulp, and the oil in the stone is shea butter, which makes up about half the volume of the stone.  Due to climate and farming reasons, shea trees are relatively viable on the continent, and shea butter is also widely available in Africa.  

Shea butter application  China shea butter for dry skin- Healtheway

Suitable for all kinds of cosmetics formula, according to the market promotion and research, the domestic market is still in the stage of development and cultivation, annual demand in more than 1000 tons/year.  However, according to the unique characteristics of shea butter itself and the international recognition and recognition of shea butter products, it can be absolutely certain, but shea butter is generally used as a base oil, mixed with other ingredients.  

Skin care products: the dosage of 3-15%, suitable for anti-aging products, night cream, sensitive skin and dry skin care products, winter products, hand cream, foot cream, body lotion baby products, shaving and other products;  

Medical drugs: 0.5~1.2%, suitable for joint soft tissue lubrication, articular cartilage tissue repair, synovium repair, effectively relieve and cure all kinds of discomfort caused by joint soft tissue lesions.  

Sunscreen products: the dosage of 3-25%, suitable for sunscreen products and after-sun repair products;  

Makeup products: 2-10% dosage, suitable for lip balm and foundation honey;  

Hair products: the amount of 1-3%, suitable for dry hair nutrition shampoo and conditioner, hair care products after dyeing;  Bath lotion: dosage 1-2%;  

Soap fertilizer: dosage of 10-50%.  




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