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Sheep Placenta Extract

Alias: Sheep Placenta, Sheep Embryo
Source: Sheep embryo extract
Product Description

Product Features:

1. Cosmetics

Sheep Placenta can eliminate all wrinkles, restore skin elasticity, reduce skin pores, and restore skin luster.

2. Medicines and health products

1) Sheep placenta can regulate human body secretion and delay aging;

2) It can prevent female infertility, miscarriage and premature delivery;

3) Replenishing essence and marrow, increasing male sperm production, improving infertility (effective for both men and women), and increasing sexual function;

4) Regulate and balance hormones, increase blood production, improve anemia, qi deficiency, enhance cell viability, accelerate postpartum recovery, and help mothers to lactate;

5) Improve human immune function, delay female menopause, and relieve symptoms of menopausal syndrome;

6) Promote breast development and restore firmness and elasticity to sagging breasts after delivery;

7) Body recovery after surgery;

8) Anti-allergic and anti-tumor.

Applications: Sheep placenta products are divided into different forms: Sheep placenta soft capsule, Sheep placenta injection, Sheep placenta oral liquid, Sheep placenta freeze-dried powder, etc.