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Sodium Alginate
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Sodium Alginate

Algin: Alginate; Sodium Alginate, etc.
Product Introduction: Sodium alginate, a natural polysaccharide, has the stability, solubility, viscosity and safety required for pharmaceutical excipients.
Chemical Formula: (C6H7NaO6)x
Molecular Weight: 216.12303 (sugar unit)
CAS Registration Number: 9005-38-3

Properties: White or yellow powder


1. For food, it can be used as emulsion stabilizer and thickener.

1)It can obviously increase viscosity, prevent brittleness and reduce chipping in the production of noodles;

2)It can be used as a stabilizer in the production of ice cream, ice cream, milk products, and beverages. The product has good shape retention, smoothness and fineness, good taste, easy storage, and does not form ice crystals;

3)It is widely used in the production of candies, frozen sweets and food cores and fillings;

4)Health food can lower cholesterol in serum and liver.

2. Other usages

1)Textiles: used as sizing agent and printing paste.

2)Medicines: dental bite printing materials, hemostatic agents, coating drugs, hydrophilic ointment bases, contraceptives, etc.

3)Cosmetics: toothpaste base, shampoo, hair dressing, etc.

4)Paper industry: sizing.

5) Mining industry: flotation agent for mineral processing, drilling mud.

6)Rubber industry: latex concentrate. Paint industry: water-based paint, water-resistant paint.



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