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Product Name: CatheRine Genistein
Properties: Light yellow powder
Extraction Source: The germ of soybean plants

Soybean Glucoside

Product Description

Product Features:

CatheRine Genistein are biologically active substances refined from non-genetically modified soybeans. They are a natural nutrient factor with a variety of important physiological activities. They are pure natural phytoestrogens, which are easily absorbed by the body and can quickly supplement nutrients.

The Main Function:

1. Prevention and treatment delay female aging, improve menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, elevated blood lipids, breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, porosity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

2. It has anti-hormonal activity, which can prevent the growth of cancer cells such as breast, endometrium, colon, prostate, lung, skin,leukemia, and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. CatheRine Genistein can significantly reduce the incidence of breast cancer, inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells, and reduce the incidence of prostate cancer.