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Product Name: Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)
Properties: Liquid
Molecular Weight: 738.64
Molecular Formula: C24H42O21? 4H2O
CAS Number: 10094-58-3

Soy bean Oligosaccharides(SBOS)

Product Description


    Soy oligosaccharides are the general term for soluble carbohydrates contained in soybeans. Soy oligosaccharide is a low-sweetness, 

    low-calorie sweetener. Its sweetness is 70% of that of sucrose, and its calorie is 8.36 kilojoules per gram, which is only 1/2 of the heat energy     of sucrose and it is safe and non-toxic.

Specifications: 80%

Main Ingredient Content: Stachys (four) sugar ≥50% raffinose ≥14% mullein sugar ≥16%

Detection Method: HPLC


    1. Improve the intestinal ecological environment and multiply bifidobacteria.

    2. Prevent constipation, prevent intestinal melanosis and paralysis caused by bowel washing, inhibit harmful bacteria, improve body                         resistance, lower blood lipids, regulate blood pressure, and correct children's partial eclipse and anorexia.

    3. Promote calcium and zinc absorption, prevent osteoporosis, promote vitamin synthesis, and anti-aging.