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Soybean Protein
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Soybean Protein

Product Introduction: Soy protein is a plant protein. The amino acid composition of soy protein is similar to that of milk protein. Except for methionine, which is slightly lower, the content of other essential amino acids is relatively rich. It is a plant-based complete protein. In terms of nutritional value, it can be equivalent to animal protein. It is also the closest to human body in terms of genetic structure. Amino acids, so it is the most nutritious plant protein.
Raw Material: Soybean

Product Application: Widely used in various food systems. Such as meat products, baked goods, dairy products, beverages, etc.

1. Commonly used in meat foods: First, because of its emulsification and water holding capacity; second, it can reduce production costs without affecting basic nutritional value.

2. Soy protein has a high amino acid content, which can be added to various foods to increase the egg quality of the product.

3. The lipoxygenase in soy protein plays a role in flour bleaching

4. The reducing sugar contained in soy protein can improve the color and flavor of bakery products.

Eating Disadvantages: Afraid of high temperature, strange smell



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