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Product Name: Stevia sugar
Properties: White powder
Extraction Source: Stevia
Molecular Formula: C38H60O18
CAS Number: 57817-89-7

Stevia Sugar

Product Description

Alias: Steviol glycosides


   Steviol glycosides (commonly known as stevioside and stevioside) are natural low-calorie sweeteners extracted from stevia (or stevialeaves).  The caloric value of stevia is only 1/300 of that of sucrose. It is not absorbed and does not produce calories after being taken into  the human  body. It is a sweetener suitable for patients with diabetes and obesity.

Product Application:

   As a new type of sweetener, stevia can be widely used in various food, beverage, medicine, and daily chemical industries. It can be said  that almost all sugar products can use stevia to replace part of sucrose or all of saccharin and other synthetic sweeteners.

1. Food

        It can be used as a sweetener in various products such as tea, beverages, snacks, canned food, preserved products, preserved fruitcakes, wines, and meat products.

2. Daily chemical products

       Adding stevioside to chewing gum and toothpaste can not only promote the sweetness of the product, but also reduce the proliferation  of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and reduce the occurrence of dental caries. Steviol glycosides have been used in various  toothpastes, chewing gums and cosmetics.

3. Medicine

       Such as orange flavor VC, Xiaoke Lozenge, pediatric compound sulfamethoxazole, cough syrup, zinc gluconate oral liquid, etc.

4. Other

       Such as multi-flavored melon seeds, fool melon seeds, stevia, cigarettes, and stevia milk powder.