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Product Name: Sucralose
Properties: White to nearly white crystalline powder
Extraction Source: Sucrose
Molecular Weight: 397.6335
Molecular Formula: C12H19Cl3O8
CAS Number: 56038-13-2
Einecs: 259-952-2


Introduction: Sucralose is the only functional sweetener using sucrose as the raw material, and its sweetness can reach 600 times that of sucrose. This kind of sweetener has the characteristics of no energy, high sweetness, pure sweetness and high safety. It is one of the best functional sweeteners at present.
CAS Number: 56038-13-2
Molecular Formula: C12H19Cl3O8
Molecular Weight: 397.6335
MDL Number: MFCD03648615
EINECS Number: 259-952-2
RTECS Number: LW5440140
BRN Number: 3654410
Product Description

The Main Purpose:

    1.The sweetness of sucralose is about 600 times that of sucrose. The sweetness is pure and the sweetness characteristics are very similar to     those of sucrose.

    2. It is very stable during general food processing and storage, has good water solubility, and is suitable for various food processing                     processes.

    3. It can be used in beverages, pickles, compound seasonings, wine preparation, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, bread and many other fields.

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place