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Product Name: Tea saponin
Properties: Light yellow fine powder
Extraction Source: Extract from tea tree seeds (tea seeds, tea seeds)

Tea Saponin

Product Description

Product Features: 

    Tea saponin is a sugar compound extracted from the seeds of Camellia plants. It belongs to the saponin class and 

    is a natural non-ionic surfactant.


    1. Pesticides

        1)As a wetting agent and suspending agent in solid pesticides, as a synergist and spreading agent in emulsifiable concentrate pesticides, it             can be directly used as biological pesticides.

        2) Improve the adhesion of the liquid medicine on the surface of organisms or plants, and play a synergistic effect on pesticides.

        3) Because tea saponin has good biological activity, it has obvious synergistic effect when mixed with a variety of pesticides to control                    Rhopalosiphum, Plutella xylostella, Panonychus citrus, etc.

    2. Pharmacological effects: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-osmotic effect

    3. others:Tea saponin is also widely used in washing, wool spinning, knitting, daily chemical industry and other production.