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Product Name: Thyme Oil
Properties: Reddish brown liquid
Extraction Source: Thym

Thyme Oil

Product Description

Introduction: Thyme oil is obtained by steam distillation of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) and T.zygis L.rar gracilis Boiss. The above-ground part in the flowering period is reddish-brown liquid, which can become colorless or yellow after deep processing. It has a cool, dry scorched herb fragrance, combined with linalool, terpinene and other fresh fragrances.

Production process: After pulverizing the raw materials at low temperature, high temperature distillation technology is used to produce thyme oil.

Main ingredients: Thymol (30%-70%), Carvacrol (2%-15%)


1. Mainly used in food spices such as sausages, canned meat, sauces, etc.;

2. For cough medicine;

3. Used in daily flavors such as detergents and soaps.