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Product Name: Tomato powder
Properties: brown-red or red powder
Extraction Source: Tomato

Tomato Powder

Product Description

Product Introduction: 

The raw materials of this product are derived from the planting base, the soil is fertile, and the organic matter content is high, which is in line with the conditions for green food production; and the bitter gourd variety with strong resistance, wide adaptability, good commercial property and high yield is selected as  the raw material of bitter gourd powder.

Main Use:

Bitter gourd powder is widely used in natural health nutrition products (as food for diabetics, diet food for weight loss and health food for consumers), functional foods, as well as special additives for advanced cosmetics and pharmaceutical raw materials .

Packaging Specifications: 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel (also can be packed according to customer requirements).

Shelf Life: 12 months

Preservation Method: Seal and store in a dry and cool place.