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Product Name: Vitamin H
Properties: Colorless long needle crystal
Extraction Source: Strawberry
Molecular Weight: 244.3032
Molecular Formula: C10H16N2O3S
CAS Number: 58-85-5
Einecs: 200-399-3

Vitamin H

Product Description

Alias: Biotin, Coenzyme R


Biotin, also known as vitamin H and coenzyme R, is a water-soluble vitamin and also belongs to the vitamin B family, B7. It is a necessary substance for the synthesis of vitamin C and an indispensable substance for the normal metabolism of fat and protein. It is a nutrient necessary to maintain the human body's natural growth, development and normal human function and health.


1. When vitamin H is lacking, cis-retinal cannot be supplemented enough, rod cells cannot synthesize enough rhodopsin cells, and night blindness occurs.

2. Maintain the integrity and soundness of the epithelial tissue structure. When vitamin H is deficient, it can cause keratosis, hyperplasia and dryness of the mucous membrane and epidermis, resulting in dry eye disease. In severe cases, the corneal keratosis becomes thicker, inflammation, and even perforation leads to blindness.

3. Enhance the body's immune response and resistance.

4. Maintain normal growth and development. When biotin is deficient, reproductive function declines, bone growth is poor, and the growth and development of embryos and infants are blocked.

5. It is used to treat arteriosclerosis, stroke, lipid metabolism disorders, hypertension, coronary heart disease and blood circulation disorders.

6. Used in cosmetics, it can increase the blood circulation speed in the skin vessels. It can be used in skin care creams, sports liquids, foot pain creams, shaving lotions, and shampoos.

7. Biotin is the savior of the bald family. It not only prevents hair loss and light on top of the head, but also prevents the gray hair of young people, which is common in modern people.