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Product Name: Vitamin K3
Properties: White or almost white crystalline powder, agglomerates after moisture absorption
Molecular Weight: 330.30
Molecular Formula: C11H9NaO5S·3H2O
CAS Number: 58-27-5
Einecs: 200-372-6

Vitamin K3

Product Description


Vitamin K3 is a blood coagulant, which can be used to treat bleeding diseases caused by vitamin K deficiency, such as neonatal bleeding,intestinal malabsorption caused by vitamin K deficiency and hypothrombinemia. Vitamin K3 is mostly white or off-white crystalline powder,which agglomerates after moisture absorption.

Function: Vitamin nutritional supplement.

1. Vitamin K is an essential substance for the liver to synthesize proenzyme (factor B), and participates in the synthesis of coagulation factors VII, IX and X, and maintains the physiological process of blood coagulation in animals.

2. Vitamin K is also necessary for the carboxylation system of vitamin K in the animal body (mainly in the liver, bones, testes, skin, kidneys and other tissues and organs), and is an indispensable factor in the synthesis of skeletal hormone (BGP).

3. It plays an important role in the metabolism of high-energy compounds and oxidative phosphorylation, as well as the metabolism of other fat-soluble vitamins, and has the functions of diuresis, enhancing liver detoxification, participating in membrane structure, and lowering blood pressure.