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Product Name: Walnut Protein
Properties: Light yellow powder
Extraction Source: Walnut

Walnut Protein

Product Description

Product Introduction: 

Walnut, also known as walnut and Qiang peach, is recognized as a high-quality plant protein resource. Its nutrition is similar to animal protein. Walnut protein has certain antioxidant properties and can effectively defend against cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and other diseases. It has the same medicine and food and can improve the original quality of food.

Main Nutrients: Albumin (6.81%), globulin (17.57%), prolamin (5.33%) and gluten (70.1)


Walnut protein is a food material specially developed for the production of plant protein beverages, milk beverages (walnut milk), nutritious foods, cold foods, etc.

It can be added to produce colorful milk, yogurt products, walnut milk, walnut milk, nutritious health foods, biscuits, cakes, ice cream products, milk tea and other foods that require walnut flavor. It has a smooth taste when brewed directly.