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What are flaxseed oil's health benefits?

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What are the benefits of linseed oil for our lives? "Liquid gold" is not so famous! For fats, modern people choose and followChina refined linseed oil - Healtheway more “healthy fats”. In addition to animal oils, it is recommended that everyone choose vegetable fats.

There are relatively many varieties of vegetable oil, including rapeseed oil, perilla oil, soybean oil, corn oil and other oils everywhere. Today I want to talk to you about the "linseed oil" that has been hotly discussed; linseed oil is good NS? Why recommend everyone to eat? How should I eat it?

The reason why people choose pure linseed oil.

Linseed oil, also known as linseed oil, linseed oil, and flax oil, is mainly a kind of oil made with flaxseed as a raw material. Flaxseed oil is relatively rich in nutrients, which contains relatively rich linolenic acid (up to 39%-62%), oleic acid and linoleic acid.

Specifically, linseed oil contains more omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is what we often call α-linolenic acid; it can be directly converted into DHA and EPA in the body, which is important for maintaining healthy blood lipids in adults. Very positive effect; in addition, for children, it also has a very good effect on the development of their intelligence and vision.

Alpha-linolenic acid is an important substance in human cells and an important raw material for the brains of fetuses and children; moreover, it cannot be synthesized by itself and must be obtained from food.

Speaking of specific foods, it is mainly rich in deep-sea animals and plants and flax plants, so linseed oil is also known as "liquid gold." For linseed oil, it is easily oxidized and is not resistant to storage. Relatively speaking, the smoke point is relatively low, and it is easy to smoke when heated.

Not for people who eat flaxseed oil.

It is recommended that when using linseed oil, it can be mixed with other vegetable oils for cooking of daily household ingredients, similar to stir-fried dishes and cold dishes, but frying food is not recommended.

For the fetal period, this stage is an important stage of rapid fetal brain development. The most important thing is after 30 weeks of gestation. For this important period, there are several specific nutrients that have a particularly obvious effect on fetal intelligence development;

For example, protein, mineral iron, folic acid and DHA substances; among them, the nutrient substance most related to IQ is DHA, so flaxseed oil is more important for pregnant women.

Benefits of cold pressed linseed oil for pregnant women

It is worth noting that in addition to supplementing nutrition for the baby, linseed oil is also great for breastfeeding mothers. A sufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids can also relieve the symptoms of pregnancy stupidity.

In addition, it can also play a positive role in regulating the mood of nursing mothers, and has a good preventive effect on postpartum depression. In addition, linseed oil also has a good effect on weight loss, and also has a positive effect on accumulated fat during pregnancy.

Having said that, linseed oil is more important for pregnant women and fetuses, and it has a positive effect in important aspects. It is worth eating. It is also recommended that you replace all kinds of oils in your daily life to promote balanced nutrition.




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