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Product Name: Wormwood oil
Properties: Light yellow to yellow-green liquid
Extraction Source: Extracted from the stems and leaves of mugwort
CAS Number: 8008-93-3

Wormwood Oil

Product Description


Wormwood oil is a natural antibacterial substance extracted from the dried leaves of the Compositae plant Mugwort. It has the advantages of     broad antibacterial spectrum and strong antibacterial activity. It also has anti-inflammatory, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, lowering         blood sugar and anti-asthmatic properties, immune regulation and other pharmacological effects.


1. Prepare an antibacterial viscose fiber containing mugwort oil, which has high antibacterial rate, good durability and good skin care effect, and can be widely used in home textiles, underwear, sports shirts, etc.

   2. Prepare an antibacterial mugwort oil microcapsule to achieve the purpose of slow release of antibacterial properties.

   3. Preparation of antibacterial coating

   4. Prepare a mosquito coil