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Product Name: Zeaxanthin
Properties: Orange-red crystalline powder
Molecular Weight: 566.88
Molecular Formula: C40H56O2


Product Description

Product Features: 

    Zeaxanthin is a new type of oil-soluble natural pigment that is widely found in green leafy vegetables, flowers, fruits, wolfberry and yellow 

    corn. In nature, it often coexists with lutein, β-carotene, cryptoxanthin, etc. to form a carotenoid mixture.


    1. Medicine: It has anti-cancer, prevention of cardiovascular disease, prevention of cataracts, etc.

    2. Food and health products: Zeaxanthin can be used as food preservation agent and natural coloring agent. At the same time, zeaxanthin can     be converted into vitamin A with biological activity in the human liver after being eaten, which has special effects on promoting the growth and     development of the human body, protecting eyesight and epithelial cells, improving disease resistance, and extending life span.

    3. Breeding feed: Zeaxanthin can be deposited evenly in poultry meat and egg yolks, effectively improving animal nutrition, and can also             enhance the pigmentation of poultry and fish, and improve the quality of eggs and meat.

    4. Cosmetics: Zeaxanthin also has the effects of protecting the skin, delaying aging, and reducing the formation of lipofuscin.