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What is lignin function

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Lignin powder's source and use

Lignin is the main by-product of cellulose industry

It can be used as an additive for epoxy resin, rubber and thermoplastic

It can be used as polymer raw materials

It can be used as animal feed additive

The method of using lignin as rubber reinforcing agent belongs to the technical field of Lignin Application in rubber industry. The key point is to add formaldehyde into the concentrated papermaking waste liquid to make lignin formaldehyde resin, and then add sulfur, zinc oxide, stearic acid, vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator, vulcanization activator and rubber in proportion to vulcanize at a certain temperature. This method can make the rubber filled with a large amount of lignin without adding softener, which can not only save a large amount of rubber, but also obtain vulcanizate with excellent properties. At the same time, it will not pollute the environment with dust in vulcanization, but also turn the waste liquor of papermaking into benefit, which has great social and economic benefits.lignin powder company - Healtheway

Main uses of lignin sodium lignosulfonate

It is widely used in various industries to improve its physical and chemical properties, save costs and improve efficiency.

1. Enhancer

It plays the role of reducing water, plasticizing and flocculation in the production of refractory and ceramic products. It can also be used in the foundry industry. As an auxiliary binder, it has large adhesion and good disintegration.

2. Mineral powder binder

The smelting industry mixes the ore powder with it to make the ore powder ball, which is dried and then put into the kiln to improve the smelting recovery rate. It can also be used as beneficiation agent.

3. Used as concrete water reducer

When the dosage is 0.2% - 0.3%, it can reduce the water consumption of concrete mixing by 10% - 12%, reduce the water cement ratio, save about 10% of cement, improve the workability, fluidity and impermeability of concrete, improve the strength and compactness of concrete, have early strength effect, shorten the setting time, improve the compressive strength, and reduce the loss of concrete slump.

4. Scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor

It is used in industrial vessels and pipelines to prevent scale and corrosion, and improve the service life of windows and pipelines.

5. Coal water slurry dispersant

It is used in coal water slurry enterprises such as thermal power plants as dispersant to improve the dispersion capacity of coal, increase the heating rate and utilization rate of coal, greatly reduce the coal content in fly ash, reduce bridging and caking, and improve the service life of furnace body.

6. Others

This product can be used as a chemical agent for tertiary oil recovery, a diluent for oilfield drilling mud, and for well sealing. In addition, it can also be used as asphalt emulsifier, feed binder, refining additives, etc. it is also widely used in pesticide processing, briquette production, tanning filler, carbon black granulation, soil, sand dune, powder control, etc.




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